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What’s Alarmtab first burglary reconnaissance system ©?

The number of burglaries has risen for years steadily. Therefore it is important to act against a burglary to stay protected. The statistics show: In non-protected flats or companies it is more likely that a burglary would occur.

But what happens when a traditional burglar alarm system reports?

The owner starts stressing and questioning himself:

  • Is the alarm real or false?
  • What should i do now? Drive to the object or call the police?
  • Should i expect my neighbors or friends to check and put themselves in danger?

Usually, the help comes too late; the burglar is gone with your valuables. It follows that to the police and insurance. After 6 weeks you receive a message from the police explaining that the burglar could not be identified because 85% of the burglaries could not be clarified. (Source: BKA Crime statistics 2014) So do not install alarm systems, in the hope that you come home and experiencing an unpleasant surprise. This is the worst of all solutions.

That was the starting point, which gave rise to the development of Alarmtab.

Based on the experience by 12 years of development, production and worldwide distribution of safety technology the topic Security was completely rethought. Not just the message of burglary is the focus, because that is not enough. Since where a traditional alarm ends (after reporting the burglary) Alarmtab really begins. The result of the development is a completely new system. Without a false alarm, without any stress, what is to be done, Alarmtab regulates everything automatically for you.

Learn more in the text below or in our explanatory video:

In case of an alarm Alarmtab begins a multi-step process:

  1. When a sensor is triggered, first a pre-alarm is triggered. The owner will be notified by SMS and e-mail via the sensor message.
  2. If there is a burglar in your premises, determined Alarmtab the path of the burglar in the house. He is lured by visual and acoustic signals to the alarm central (a disguised as modern Tablet PC device). So he would not have time to search for valuables in other rooms.
  3. At the same time 20 pictures are taken and emailed 5 seconds each into your email account, then you can access from anywhere via internet.
  4. When the second sensor is triggered or if the burglar takes the control panel as supposedly worthwhile prey itself, you get an alarm acknowledgment. Now you can be sure that someone is in the house, the uncertainty as to whether it is a false alarm is eliminated. 
  5. Once the burglar is in the house, you will be robbed. You cannot prevent it, therefore Alarmtab provides the burglar one of the most-stolen valuables, a tablet PC, as presumed profitable to the burglar.
  6. Once the offender has been past the control panel, Alarmtab begins to distract the burglar from him entering your rooms: When the burglar enters another room a real man’s voice and furious barking sound start to play. At the same time the light goes on. Most burglars will have the the tablet PC which will trigger the alarm speaker in the next room.
  7. Seconds later a siren starts to go off outdoor (optional) which will put psychological pressure on the burglar, even the most cold-blooded burglar would run out of the house.
  8. Now Alarmtab starts the awareness stage which means it will be constantly grabbing the current GPS data, images and voice recordings which are directly sent over to a secure server.
  9. So the escape route is recorded in real time which makes it easier and faster for the police to find the burglar.
  10. If the police catches the burglar then you could easily download all the necessary evidence from your tablet which is located in your secure server mailbox:
  • Unmasked offenders pictures
  • Voice recordings
  • The GPS location of the burglar

Give the evidence to the police and the burglary crime is resolved definitely fast.

... And now you can sleep peacefully.

And not to forget:

If your alarm system (as intended) is stolen, you will immediately receive a free new tablet PC! All sensors and all settings are automatically loaded, you just need your activation code. You are again fully protected. No other alarmsystem can offer this!

The development of this new system took nearly 3 years, the result is not only the first burglary reconnaissance system worldwide. Alarmtab is also easy to use as noother system. Everything is used intuitively and without any technical knowledge. Alarmtab gives you step by step instructions on a large screen. You have settings from which other security systems can only dream of and at a attractive price.

An overview of the Alarmtab and traditional burglar alarm system, you can open as PDF here:

Comparison Alarmtab – traditional burglar alarm system

Go for Alarmtab! The first burglary-reconnaissance system!

Alarmtab always remains up to date, the latest functions and updates are downloaded directly to your tablet PC. The whole system is cheaper than most new smart phones. Secure yourself and your family now!

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